The ultimate guide to safe crypto bot trading

Great, you finally decided to start crypto bot trading! Though you're still a bit worried that hackers might steal your cryptocurrencies or even the money on your bank account. How do you make sure that you're keeping your account safe? In this guide you'll find all the information you need.

Step 1: Choose a secure crypto bot

One of the most importants things when you start crypto bot trading is choosing a crypto bot with a high level of security. There are a lot of crypto bots out there and not all of them are very secure. This is one of the things you should definitely check out while choosing a crypto bot. One of the safest and most advanced crypto bots is

Step 2: Set up two factor authentication

This is something you should do right after you have registered a crypto bot account: setting up two factor authentication. This means that every time you want to sign in you need to fill in two things, like two passwords or one password adn a code that's sent to your phone. It will cost you a little bit more time to get into your account, but it will be a lot harder for hackers.

Step 3: Turn off withdrawal access

There's one important thing you shouldn't do when you start with crypto bot trading: setting up withdrawal access. This means that your bot can take money from your bank account. If hackers somehow get into your account, they'll also have access to your bank account. That's not what you want, so you should turn off withdrawal access.

Last but not least: never share your wallet or API key

Even if you have made your account very secure, someone with access to your wallet or API key can still take your cryptocurrencies. Of course that's not what you want, so you should never share your wallet or API key with anyone.